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Mannix Solar Business Leasing

Mannix  offers the very best Solar Power Installation value in Australia. After 50 years in business, we have the buying power and the experience to provide your very best solution. Don’t take chances. Get your FREE quote from Mannix.

Solar Power Solutions

Solar Features

  • Extensive warranty
  • Experienced and qualified installation staff
  • Backed by Mannix with over 50 years experience

Solar Business Leasing

Mannix Solar Business Centre is your one stop shop for Business & Corporate Solar Packages.

After 50 years in business Mannix has seen it all. But with competitive rates, fast business service and a team that understands the importance of service, Mannix stays ahead of the pack!

A family owned and operated SA business with massive buying power, and offering attractive leasing terms, it makes sense to discuss your Business Solar Leasing with a team that has stood the test of time.

Can you risk not getting a quote from Mannix Solar? Call Mannix now on 1300MANNIX or enquire from the form on this page.

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For over 50 years, Mannix has provided fast & reliable service to customers. Let us provide our best service, advice and of course price. Complete the form below, or call 1300MANNIX or any of our stores & let us show you the MANNIX difference.

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