4 Healthy Reasons Your Home Needs an Air Conditioner

Most people buy an air conditioner to stay cool in the summer. Australia’s sun is no joke: high temperatures and humidity can wear a person down. There’s nothing quite like being able to end a sweltering hot day in a nice cool home.

You may have plenty of your own ideas about why you might need an air conditioner, but maybe you’re still weighing them up against the cost of getting one. If you’re still undecided there’s one more benefit you may want to consider: your health. Today we outline 4 benefits you’ll receive when you buy an air conditioner from Mannix.

Breathe Happiness

Serotonin is the chemical produced by your body responsible for mood balancing. Low serotonin levels may lead to depression, low energy, negative thoughts, and irritability. Elevated serotonin levels will bring on feelings of happiness and relaxation.

There is a correlation between the amount of oxygen you inhale and your levels of serotonin. While open windows are a great way to let more fresh oxygen into your home, you’re also letting pollutants in. The quality of the air you breathe matters, and that is why the filter in your air conditioner exists. Higher quality oxygen leads to higher levels of serotonin which results in a calmer and happier time at work or in the office.

Think More Clearly

The brain is the body’s most oxygen hungry organ. Providing your brain with higher quality oxygen can have the following benefits:

  • Improve your level of concentration;
  • Improve the clarity of your thoughts; and
  • Reduce feelings of tiredness.

When you’re thinking slower it can make for a slow day, so it’s important to make sure your brain is getting enough oxygen to keep you clear and focused. Anybody who has had the unfortunate luck to work in an office building without air conditioning can relate.

Blood Pressure

When you breathe air with pollutants in it, your body must work harder to process the oxygen it’s getting. The hard work your lungs do filtering pollutants to deliver fresh air raises blood pressure. This exacerbates existing high blood pressure conditions. So, its important feed your lungs high-quality to prevent higher blood pressure.

Want to Lose Weight?

It’s not uncommon to lose the nerve to exercise when rolls around summer and it’s over 30 degrees outside. But, we’re still told to get at least 30 minutes of exercise a day. Buying and installing an air conditioner in your home lets you enjoy the best of both worlds. Now you can exercise in a temperature controlled environment without losing motivation as soon as you go outdoors. What’s even better is that you’ll be feeding your muscles high-quality oxygen while exercising. This means you can go harder for longer.

Not only will your air conditioning keep your whole house comfortable, but it has obvious valuable health benefits. There’s no reason to keep putting off getting an air conditioner installed, contact Mannix today and your body will thank you for it.