A Guide To Ducted Gas Heating

As it is getting colder outside, you want a heating system to keep your Adelaide home warm and cosy inside. That is why ducted gas heating is a popular choice amongst Adelaide homeowners. 

Compared to other systems, ducted gas heating is reliable and efficient. A ducted gas heating system will keep your Adelaide home warm without driving your power bills to the roof. Before getting a ducted gas heating system for your Adelaide home, here is what you need to know:

What Is Ducted Gas Heating?

As the name suggests, ducted gas heating is not electrically powered. Instead, it relies on gas to warm the air before distributing it through your Adelaide house. Like other ducted systems, ducted gas heating works centrally. However, it uses one singular gas heating unit to warm your entire Adelaide home

Most of the components of ducted gas heating will not be visible inside your Adelaide house. Instead, they will be either installed outdoors or tucked out of sight in the ceiling and walls. 

How Does Ducted Gas Heating Work?

Your ducted gas heating system will pull in the indoor cold air to warm up your Adelaide home. It will then warm this air up through the central gas heating unit. Finally, the warm air will be distributed around your Adelaide home throughout the ducts, vents and grilles. 

For more safety and convenience, the central gas heating unit is located outdoors or on the roof. A ducted gas heating system works centrally. However, it gives you the option of controlling the temperature on an individual level.

You can set different temperatures for each room or zone in your Adelaide home through the zoning feature. You can also choose to shut the ducted gas heating on empty spaces. Zoning will enable your Adelaide ducted gas heating system to work more efficiently. 

Why Choose Ducted Gas Heating?

Getting a ducted gas heating system for your Adelaide home is a wise choice. With ducted gas heating, you will have the heating power you need to warm up your Adelaide home in the winter. As a bonus, you will not have to worry about high power bills. 

Ducted gas heating systems draw the cold air from inside your Adelaide home. Once the desired temperature is reached inside the house, the fan and burners will gradually stop. That is why ducted gas heating is considered a more efficient heating method. 

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