How Much Does It Cost To Install an Air Conditioner?

Wondering How Much Air Conditioning Installation Will Set You Back?

There are a lot of things to consider when thinking of installing an air conditioner or upgrading an old unit.

Firstly, it’s important to make sure that you’re getting the right system for the job. If you don’t need heating functions in winter – maybe you already have a space heater or other system – then cooling only systems can save some money.

Or if you need to heat and cool multiple rooms in a large home, it’s important to make sure you’re getting a cooler with sufficient capacity. One thing you might not have considered, however, is how much getting it installed will set you back.

Unfortunately, air conditioning installation isn’t a DIY project to be tackled over a couple of weekends; it’s a tricky job that requires trained air conditioning technicians.

In this article we’ll take you through some of the factors that may impact your installation costs, and how to pick the right unit to have installed.

What System is Best for You?

There are three main types of air conditioners available on the market.

Window air conditioner units are small, convenient units that can go anywhere in your home, only requiring a power outlet. While they’re handy to have around they only cater to a single room so are usually best for apartments or as a temporary solution.

Split system air conditioning units are the most common type of air conditioner. They consist of two main components: a wall mounted indoor unit and an outdoor unit. The indoor unit blows cool air into the room, and the outdoor unit dissipates the heat from the cooled area. They’re a cost-effective system but cool on a per room basis.

Ducted evaporative air conditioning systems are integrated into your home’s ceiling and wall cavity and provide heating or cooling to the whole house. Since it works through sleek ducts it’s less visually intrusive than other systems. It also provides excellent comfort but the units are expensive to purchase and install.

What Size/Capacity Air Conditioner Do I Need?

There are three factors you’ll need to consider to decide what capacity air conditioner your home needs:

  1. Size of your home: this is a simple point to consider – more floor space requires more capacity. If your home is multi-storey you may need multiple units for different zones.
  2. Ceiling height: again, a straight forward point, if your ceilings are high you may require more capacity to generate enough cool air to maintain a comfortable temperature.
  3. Number of windows: unless windows are properly treated or tinted, they can cause a large amount of heat exchange. For example, they can account for up to 40 per cent of a home’s heat loss, and you’ll need to consider this when choosing capacity.

While these are a general guide, every home is unique and there aren’t hard and fast rules to picking the perfect air conditioner. For best results you should work with professionals like those at Mannix to establish an appropriate cooling system based on your floor plan.

Does My Installer Need to be Licensed?

This may disappoint some handy men and women but the short answer is: ‘yes’. Air conditioning installation involves handling refrigerants, and because of this the Australian Refrigeration Council (ARC) requires installers to be fully licensed.

There are a few different tradies that can perform the installation if they’re properly licensed, but it can be a headache to organise. When you buy with Mannix, we can take care of the installation for you so you don’t have to run around chasing down who’s licensed to install what.

What Will Impact My Installation Quote?

There are a few factors that will determine what your final installation quote will come to:

  • Type and size of air conditioning unit
  • Amount of refrigerant piping and cabling is needed
  • Amount of cable ducting required
  • Meter board upgrade if required
  • Access to installation areas

What Does It Cost to Install An Air Conditioner?

If you’re shopping for a quality air conditioning system you can expect to spend between a few hundred and few thousand dollars depending on the type of system you choose.

A window air conditioning unit may set you back around $500, while a split system air conditioner unit will usually start out at around $900. Remember though that you won’t only need to pay for the unit but the installation as well. The output of the unit will generally influence the price of purchase and the price of running it.

Air Conditioner Installation Quotes 

While Mannix can offer competitive prices on installation, it’s a good idea to shop around a bit first. Getting a few quotes can help you find the best deal, but it’s also important to remember the importance of correct installation. Incorrect installation can lead to refrigerant leaks and a host of other problems which will cost you down the line. So, make sure to choose a reputable installer.

We hope this guide has been useful in understanding what costs you might face when purchasing an air conditioner. If you still need help deciding what unit is right for you, the experts at Mannix are always happy to help find your perfect air conditioner. Also, when it comes to installation, Mannix has been a trusted name for over 50 years, you’ll be hard pressed to find a more recommended installer.