How to Get Your Air Conditioner in Tip-Top Shape Just in Time for Summer!

Summer is just around the corner. Now is the best time to make sure your airconditioning system is reliable enough to face the hot summer days of Adelaide. A little airconditioning maintenance will go a long way. It will not just make your air conditioning system operate more effectively and efficiently. Air conditioning routine inspections will make your Adelaide home feel more comfortable in the summer. Moreover, they will contribute to lowering your energy bills as well.

Here are some simple maintenance tips to make sure your air conditioning system will not fail you this summer:

Inspect the Filter

One of the most critical components of any air conditioning system is the filter. It cleans the air stream pumped into your Adelaide home or office. Any particles or dirt is removed through the air conditioning filter. 

Over time, air conditioning filters can get clogged from dirt build-ups. This will reduce the airflow through your air conditioning system. That is why the air conditioning filter must be inspected at least once a month. To test if the filter is clogged or not, remove it from the air conditioning unit and hold it up to the light. If you cannot see through it, then the filter needs to be replaced.

In Adelaide, You Must Maintain the Outdoor Airconditioning Unit 

Many homeowners pay attention only to the indoor unit of their air conditioning system. The outdoor unit is the part of your air conditioning system that takes the brunt of the harsh weather conditions of Adelaide. In that case, it needs special care. 

The primary function of the air conditioning outdoor unit is to pull the hot air from your Adelaide house and push it outside. That is why you need to ensure that the area around your air conditioning outdoor unit is clear of any debris or clutter. It should be noted, that the outdoor unit should only be covered when the air conditioning is not in use. Otherwise, your air conditioning system will not run properly.

Schedule a Tune-Up

Before the summer, try to schedule an air conditioning tune-up service. It will make your Adelaide airconditioning system work more efficiently. At Mannix, we offer Envirotemp. It is a one-time treatment that improves the overall performance of your air conditioning system. It results in a permanent protective layer in your air conditioning refrigeration circuit. As a result, the refrigerant can travel smoothly through the system.

Do Not Put off Repairs of your Adelaide airconditioning system

If you notice unusual sounds or smells coming from your Adelaide airconditioning system, you should call a professional service immediately. Even small issues if left unrepaired, could grow into more serious problems. That is why putting off repairs could cost you your whole Adelaide air conditioning system. 

Mannix is one of the largest air conditioning companies in Australia. Our experienced technicians can provide consultations at your Adelaide home. They can carry out a comprehensive fault diagnosis of your air conditioning system to identify any issues. Thus, whether you need to rejuvenate, upgrade or replace your air conditioning system, we have got you covered.

Get your Adelaide air conditioning system summer-ready. Call us now!