Evaporative Cooling Solutions

For decades now, ducted evaporative cooling systems have proven to be an ideal solution to our hot Australian summers. Low initial cost coupled with extremely low energy usage results in the most easily affordable total home cooling solution. This is primarily due to the fact that evaporative cooling is a natural process that draws air from outside the home, passes it through water saturated pads, thus cooling it, just like the ocean cools a sea breeze. Ducted evaporative cooling systems allow you to leave windows and doors open, making for for a fresher, much healthier atmosphere. As the air is moist, it is much better for your skin than the dry output of some refrigerated systems. The efficient air filtration significantly reduces the problems of allergy sufferers. However in humid regions such as Queensland, and the far northern areas of Australia where humidity is very high, we recommend refrigerated air conditioning systems.

Our Evaporative Products