Split System Air Conditioner

Get the best deals on split system air conditioners from Mannix online or in store. Take advantage of our purchasing power and save on the price of split system air conditioners including Fujitsu, Mitsubishi, Panasonic, LG, Hitachi, Kelvinator split system aircon and more. Mannix will take care of your split system air conditioner installation hassle free. Stay cool in the summer and warm in winter when you buy a split system air conditioner from Mannix.

Split system air conditioners are a popular option for Australians. Many homeowners appreciate the energy efficiency and affordability of split system air conditioning units. A Split system aircon is a great option all year round.  Whatever weather may come you’ll be able to find your ideal temperature with split system units as they can keep you cool in summer and warm in winter.

The ability to heat and cool makes reverse cycle split system air conditioners an excellent investment for any time of the year. As well as having the flexibility of heating or cooling, split system units are more efficient than many portable air conditioners, providing lower running costs. An air conditioner can also be a great investment for your family’s health. Australia has very high rates of asthma and allergies so for many families the filtered and purified air an air conditioner provides is a welcome relief. Even for families that don’t need to worry about allergies purified air has a range of benefits as when you breathe healthier air your body can function better.

One of the most attractive features of an energy saving split system unit is the lack of noise. Split system air conditioning units are made up of a wall mounted unit inside to pump out cool air and a unit outside to dissipate the heat from the cooled area. Because the condenser, which is the primary source of noise, is in the outdoor unit operating noise levels are as low as possible.

Most split system units come with the convenience of a remote control. This allows you to control all the temperature settings and functions of your unit from the comfort of your couch or bed. These units are generally suited to cooling or heating single rooms or where ducted air conditioning can’t be installed. Many also feature inverter technology. Inverter technology adapts the temperature of the room to maintain your settings without fluctuating. These units are great for delivering supreme, uninterrupted comfort, all while being one of the most efficient ways to cool your home.

These units need professional installation which the friendly team at Mannix can organise. When you buy from Mannix you’ll get a great deal on the best brands of split system air conditioners. So, get an online quote to find the best deal on the best heating and cooling system for you today.

Our Split System Air Conditioners

Product Brands
Kelvinator KSV71HWJKelvinator KSV70HRG 7.0kW Split System Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner outdoor

Kelvinator KSV71HWJ 7.1kW Split System Reverse Cycle

7.10kW(C) / 8.00kW(H)
Cool / Heat
Up to 58 SQ/M
Kelvinator KSV50HWJKelvinator KSV50HRG 5.0kW Split System Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner outdoor

Kelvinator KSV50HWJ 5.0kW Split System Reverse Cycle

5.00kW(C) / 6.00kW(H)
Cool / Heat
Up to 42 SQ/M
Kelvinator KSV25HWJ

Kelvinator KSV25HWJ 2.5kW Split System Reverse Cycle

2.50kW(C) / 3.20kW(H)
Cool / Heat
Up to 20 SQ/M
Kelvinator KDS35HWJ

Kelvinator KSD35HWJ 3.5kW Split System Reverse Cycle

3.5kW(C) / 4.0kW(H)
Cool / Heat
Up to 29 SQ/M
Supply Only from $869
Fully Installed from $1499
Kelvinator KSD Mannix

Kelvinator KSD90HWJ 9.0kW Split System Reverse Cycle

9.00kW(C) / 10.00kW(H)
Cool / Heat
Up to 75 SQ/M
Supply Only from $2029
Fully Installed from $2779