Window Air Conditioner

Get the best deals on window air conditioners from Mannix online or in store. Take advantage of our purchasing power and save on the price of wall mounted window air conditioner units. If you want to buy a window wall air conditioner you’ve come to the right place for big savings on on best brands including Kelvinator.

Window and wall air conditioners are a simple and cost-effective way to provide cooling to a single room. Window air conditioners are a breeze to install and can work either as a long term or short-term option. While some units are cooling only, many window & wall air conditioning units are reverse cycle. With a reverse cycle system, you only need to pay once for a unit that does two jobs. With the push of a button you can switch between cooling mode and heating mode. This is perfect for us down in the southern states as sometimes you could need the heater one day and the cooler the next.

Window & wall air conditioners are an excellent option for those lacking in space. Portable air conditioners can be cumbersome and take up space on the floor, while split systems take up space outside. A window air conditioner however, can be simply mounted in a wall or window taking up far less space than other alternatives.

One of the best features of a window air conditioner is their flexibility. Since they’re easy and non-intrusive to install, they can easily be fitted into rental properties or motor homes. Or if you’re just looking to keep your bedroom or study cool in summer a window air conditioner can be a great option.

Window coolers also have a great degree of flexibility in what features are available, making it easy to find a unit that fits your needs and budget. A reverse cycle unit can be a great investment all year round for both heating and cooling, or a cooling only unit can be good for those on a tighter budget. Units with timers, remote controls and antibacterial filters can be a good investment as they provide added convenience and air quality to your room.

While window wall air conditioners are easy to install, when you shop with Mannix the friendly staff can take care of the installation for you. At Mannix you’ll always find the best brands at great prices allowing your budget to stretch further.

Our Window Air Conditioners

Product Brands

Kelvinator KWH16CMF Window Wall Cool Only Air Conditioner

Cool Only
Up to 12 SQ/M

Kelvinator KWH60CRF Window Wall Cooling Only Air Conditioner 6kW

Cool Only
Up to 45 SQ/M

Kelvinator KWH39CRF Window Wall Cooling Only Air Conditioner 3.9kW

Cool Only
Up to 30 SQ/M

Kelvinator KWH60HRF Window Wall Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner 6.0kW

6.00kW(C) / 5.50kW(H)
Cool / Heat
Up to 45 SQ/M
Supply Only from $999

Kelvinator KWH52HRF Window Wall Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner 5.2kW

5.2kW(C) / 4.8kW(H)
Cool / Heat
Up to 40 SQ/M
Supply Only from $909

Kelvinator KWH52CRF Window Wall Cooling Only Air Conditioner

Cool Only
Up to 40 SQ/M

Kelvinator KWH39HRF Window Wall Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner 3.9kW

3.9kW(C) / 3.6kW(H)
Cool / Heat
Up to 28 SQ/M
Supply Only from $729

Kelvinator KWH27HRF Window Wall Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner 2.7kW

2.7kW(C) / 2.4kW(H)
Cool / Heat
Up to 18 SQ/M
Supply Only from $589

Kelvinator KWH27CRF Window Wall Cooling Only Air Conditioner

Cool Only
Up to 18 SQ/M

Kelvinator KWH22HRF Window Wall Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner 2.2kW

2.2kW(C) / 1.9kW(H)
Cool / Heat
Up to 15 SQ/M
Supply Only from $539

Kelvinator KWH22CRF Window Wall Cooling Only Air Conditioner 2.2kW

Cool Only
Up to 15 SQ/M