Where Can I Find An Energy Efficient Air Conditioning System In Brisbane?

Brisbane has been blessed with some of the best weather in the country. While some days may be rainy, warm sunshine fill the majority. This warm weather though, can result in our Brisbane homes to require the use of their air conditioning system reasonably frequently. Furthermore, living in air-conditioned bliss can result in pretty hefty […]

How does central heating work?

How does central heating work? Air conditioning may be the top priority for Australians when it comes to temperature control options, but central heating (also known as ducted healing) is becoming increasingly popular, especially in South Australia, where the evening temperature can hover at around 5C during the winter. Statistics show 77% of dwellings across […]

What is the most efficient central heating system for your home?

What is the most efficient central heating system for your home? Did you know Australia is set to experience its coldest winter in recorded history this year? David Taylor, who runs the East Coast Weather Facebook page and has correctly predicted major weather events in the past, predicts huge swathes of the country will experience […]

How To Keep The Air Cool And The Price Low

As temperatures continue to climb, air conditioning units are often cranked up to full blast as we escape the heat indoors. It’s great to be able to focus on other things and have a fresh, cool wave wash over you, but the downside is often felt later in the form of massive bills. In fact, […]

Why You Should Have An Energy Audit Done On Your Home

An energy audit is a comprehensive look at the energy usage in your home. Here at Mannix we know air conditioning, traditional heating and solar heating inside and out. Even if your air conditioning system is getting through the summer with no trouble and seems to be going along fine, you may notice that your […]