Change the Way You Live with a Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning System

If you live or own a business in Lawnton, we’re sure you’re fully aware of the importance of having an air conditioner that will provide you with a living and working environment that is cool and comfortable. But with the need to install a new air conditioner, comes the many options that the market has to offer.

Ducted air conditioning has quickly become a home and business owner’s unit of choice. And while a ducted reverse cycle air conditioning unit may be more of an investment to start with, it is well worth it in the end.

Having a ducted reverse cycle air conditioning system installed at your home or business will ensure that your entire space can be heated or cooled, while also giving you the ultimate control via the thermostat. Compared to a split system, ducted air conditioning systems appear to be the complete solution.

Keep reading to discover the many benefits associated with installing a ducted reverse cycle air conditioner from Mannix:

Powerful Cooling for Large Spaces

If you’re looking to install an air conditioner in your large business or home, ducted is the only way to go. Ducted systems offer you fast and comprehensive cooling and heating. You’ll find that within minutes, an excellent ducted reverse cycle air conditioning system can make even the most significant area feel cooler in minutes! Your thermostat will also allow you to control your cooling, potentially reducing your energy bills completely!

Blend Into Your Home

Split systems tend to look big and bulky and can take away from the design aesthetic of your Lawnton home. With a ducted reverse cycle air conditioner, you’ll never have this problem. Developed to be subtle and seamless, these ceiling-mounted air conditioning units blend into the roof of your home or business with ease, and you’ll find that they are barely noticeable.

Great For Multi-Level Homes or Businesses

If your Lawnton home or business is a double storey building, a ducted system will benefit you tenfold. Forget about the need for split systems in every room; ducted reverse cycle air conditioners are easily fitted into the roof of single and double storey homes and businesses, meaning that you’ll be able to cool both stories with ease!

You’ll Get Value For Your Money!

If you have a spacious home or commercial space, installing numerous split systems is not only an impractical option, it’s also not very cost-effective. While a ducted system may be more of an investment up front, you’ll find that they are cheaper to run, will boost the resale value of your property, but they are also less expensive to maintain!

If you’re looking to invest in a ducted reverse cycle air conditioner for your Lawnton home or business, look no further than the team at Mannix team today!