4 Common Air Conditioning Repairs You’ll Need This Summer

Doesn’t it seem like your air conditioner always stops working when you need it the most? Perhaps you’re just unlucky. Maybe it’s Murphy’s law? Chances are your air conditioner could benefit from regular maintenance. Often times, individuals purchase a new air conditioner and simply forget about it. This is especially true if you own an externally installed air conditioner that is mounted on the roof. Ducted air conditioners, we’re looking at you! Although your air conditioner may be out of sight and out of mind, scheduling maintenance in the months leading up to summer can be a great way to beat the heat. You can also save a lot of unwanted stress and uncomfortable sticky nights.

Sealing Refrigerant Leaks

Many people think that when their air conditioner loses its charge, that it needs more refrigerant. Yet, this will do nothing to fix the underlying problem. Being low on refrigerant means it undercharged at installation or it leaks. A refrigerant affects the performance of A/C, and also harms the environment.

Make sure that if your system’s refrigerant is low to have a trained technician fix any leaks, test the repair and then charge the system with the correct amount of refrigerant. The efficiency of an air conditioning system is at its best when the refrigerant is neither under nor overcharged and meets the manufacturer’s specification.

Cleaning Condensate Lines

To prevent unwanted air from getting into your AC system, its drain line will include a U-shaped trap. This trap is like the one you would find under your sink. Unfortunately, this trap along with the warm, moist air under most AC systems is an ideal breeding ground for algae. If algae builds up in the trap it can cause significant clogging which can back up moisture into your air conditioner and walls. This can lead to water damage and mould. You can avoid this with a little cleaning.

Replacing a Fan Belt

Replacing the fan belt is one of the easiest and simplest ways to prevent your AC breaking down in summer. You may notice a damaged fan belt by a squeaking noise produced by the AC system, and a technician needs to replace the damaged belt with a new one. Fan belts are inexpensive to replace and can go a long way toward ensuring you stay cool in summer.

Replacing a Major System Component

This is the most important reason for undertaking maintenance before summer arrives. Replacing the exact part may be time-consuming and costly. A certified air conditioning technician can discover major problems sooner, rather than later. All you need to do is pick up the phone and book it in. You’ll thank yourself later when the weather tops 40 degrees.

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