Summer’s Quickly Approaching… Here’s Why You Need to Install a Ducted Air Conditioning System!

It’s no secret that the Australian summer season is often accompanied by blistering heat. Without a doubt, our homes should be a place of comfort, where we can safely and comfortably escape the heat. So to find the perfect air conditioning system for their families, many Australians are choosing to move away from standard window units and split systems. Instead, we are choosing a ducted air conditioning system that can heat and cool the entire home! 


Clearly, ducted systems allow homeowners to beat the heat or combat cold winter months with the click of a button, while also providing more control when deciding the temperature of the home. 


At Mannix, our team has been servicing Australians with premium air conditioning systems for over 50 years. Specialising in reverse cycle ducted systems, we have an airconditioning system that will see you and your family living in the ultimate comfort. 


Need more convincing? We’ve listed a few benefits that come with installing a ducted reverse cycle air conditioning system below: 



Control the Temperature with a Ducted Air Conditioning System


All ducted systems have zoning incorporated, which allow you to control the temperature of your home, room by room.  This system will enable you to shut off heating and cooling room by room. You can avoid having to spend money on rooms that are not being used. For example, a system that has been correctly installed will allow you to cool your bedrooms overnight. Similarly, you will be cooling your living spaces during the daytime. 



Create a Comfortable Home 


So, whether it is a blisteringly hot summer’s day or a bitterly cold winter’s night, your home should be a retreat. It is where you should be able to escape it all. Ducted reverse cycle air conditioning allows you to create a comfortable living space no matter the season. 


Here at Mannix, we have a broad range of ducted airconditioning systems perfect for a wide range of properties. Above all, our team will help ensure that you choose a ducted reverse cycle system that fits your Australian home. 



Sleek and Subtle 


The look of your home can play a significant role in how comfortable it is. If you take great pride in your home’s appearance, you’d want a discreet air conditioning system. Definitely, the unit’s subtle and minimal design is the perfect way to live comfortably and in style. 




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Therefore, when looking for a new reverse cycle ducted airconditioning system, look no further than Mannix Air! With over 50 years of industry experience, rest assured you’re in the right hands! 


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