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Making the right choice about warming your home or office can be daunting. Mannix  has the experience and expertise in all facets of home heating to help you decide on the right system for you. For over 50 years Mannix  has comprehensively evaluated air conditioning & heating systems from national and international manufacturers to bring you the best quality and reliability available. Combined with our stringent quality control, warranties and service, ensures your absolute comfort with the best possible efficiency & performance.

There are many forms of heating to choose from when heating your home. We know it can be confusing if you don’t know what to consider. That’s why we’ve considered the options and created an easy to follow guide to assist you with the best central system. Below are a list of helpful resources and frequently asked questions to make selecting an air conditioner easier:

Ducted gas heating is the most common central heating system. It involves a central gas heater installed in the roof space or outside the home. The gas heater is then connected to a network of ducts and outlets that distribute the warm air throughout the home. One of the biggest benefits with these systems is they allow you to control different temperature zones of the home, sending warm air to an entire level or a specific room. This helps reduce energy bills. Pick from Bonaire.

Pyrox wall gas heaters are an effective solution for those who are looking to heat up their home on a budget, especially if they live in a compact space. Pyrox wall gas heaters are created to bring warmth at floor level, and come in two different sizes to adequately heat small or large rooms. They’re a good consideration for someone in need of supplementary heating, because they offer the option of heating up a room you’re using instead of the whole home. Our selection of gas wall furnace heaters and gas fire heaters are manufactured by Bonaire

This system is great for versatility because they are multifunctional – they absorb heat from outdoors to create warm air inside in the winter, and absorb heat from inside and send it outdoors in the summer. With a reverse cycle system, you only need to pay once for a unit that provides heating and cooling.  Pick from Fujitsu, Samsung, Kelvinator.

A split system is a two part system. One part (the condenser) is  located outside the home on a wall, while the rest of the system is located inside.  A split system is generally cheaper to buy and install, can be installed in one part of the home at a time, and is quieter than other systems because the condenser (the loudest piece of machinery) is located outside. A split system is also the best option for apartments and double-storey homes, because installing ducts on small properties can be prohibitively expensive or even impossible.  Pick from Fujitsu, Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Teco, LG, Hitachi, Kelvinator.

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