Why You Should Have An Energy Audit Done On Your Home

An energy audit is a comprehensive look at the energy usage in your home. Here at Mannix we know air conditioning, traditional heating and solar heating inside and out. Even if your air conditioning system is getting through the summer with no trouble and seems to be going along fine, you may notice that your bills are stacking up a little more than you expected. You never want to be put in a position where you’re sweltering hot but starting to genuinely worry over the energy that seems to be draining out of your air conditioning system. Staying cool is key, but not at the expense of draining your wallet!

That’s where an energy audit comes in. This is a full-scale analysis of your home’s energy usage, insulation, patterns and needs. It’s a long-term investment that could save you huge bundles down the road because of the improvements it will indicate are needed. The following is a brief explanation of how an energy audit is done.

Basically, an energy audit looks at potential issues and improvements to your air conditioning system to see what can lower your bills. It involves an in-depth assessment of your residence or office, not only the AC system. The audit will look at insulation in the building, an overview of your current energy expenses and needs, measurements of airflow and HVAC integrity, inspections of units inside and outside the building and inspections of ductwork. You never know when a leaky connection might be frittering away cool air and wasting your hard-earned dollars! An energy audit checks for that and lets you know.

The price of an energy audit will vary depending on the size of the building you need inspected and how long it’s going to take. Keep in mind that an energy audit can also be a great thing to do if you’re seriously considering purchasing a home or making an offer on a property. The energy audit will include a full interior and exterior inspection and a thermographic scan that helps reveal hard-to-feel areas where AC is leaking out or hot air is getting in. The scan will also make sure your home isn’t so airtight that dangerous gas buildup can occur. There needs to be some breathability, just not too much!

After the energy audit is done, the inspector will let you know what came up and present you with a detailed report. Maybe there are small or big changes that need to take place in your home to boost up efficiency and get the cool air flowing more fully. Work improvements could include everything from adding blown-in insulation and indoor air quality sensors to sealing small leaks around windows and doors, updating AC equipment, cleaning ductwork or getting altogether new AC units. Consider our innovative Envirotemp technology for your home or office. Our Envirotemp systems calibrate all your air conditioning and heating devices for optimum efficiency and output. If possible, schedule an energy audit before the hottest weather so that all the improvements can be made before things really get blistering hot and energy is wasted.

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