Options for a Home Heating System from Mannix!

As winter is approaching, you need to prepare your house for the cold temperature. A home heating system will make your house more comfortable. However, choosing a home heating system is not that easy, with so many options in the market today.

Mannix is one of Australia’s largest air conditioning and heating system companies. With over fifty years of experience, we can help you choose the most suitable home heating system for your needs. You can also check our range of air conditioning and heating systems in one of our showrooms across Australia. 

Here is more information about our home heating options:

Split Systems

These air conditioners are top-rated among Australians. With a split system, you can keep your home at a comfortable temperature all year long. Split systems can do both heat and cool. To keep your home quiet, the noisy part of the air conditioner (the compressor and fan) is placed outdoors. Indoors, you will only have an elegant looking unit.

Reverse Cycle

It is considered one of the most energy-efficient heating systems. To heat your home, the reverse cycle system does not use energy to create heat. Instead, it absorbs the heat outdoors to warm the air inside your house. In the summer, it works the other way around. The air conditioner absorbs the temperature inside your home and sends it outside. It is as if you have two systems in one.

As an added bonus, these air conditioners can also filter and dehumidify the air in your home. They are also very environmentally friendly. Compared to conventional electric heating systems, reverse cycle air conditioners produce only about a third of the gas emissions.

Gas Wall Heaters

For those who need home heating in a budget-friendly way. A Pyrox gas heater can warm small or large rooms, depending on its size. If you have an older model that you want to replace, do not worry. Pyrox gas heaters are designed in dimensions similar to earlier models. 

These heating systems are not only cost-efficient, but they are also very environmentally friendly. They emit less greenhouse gas than other heating systems.

Ducted Gas Heating

If full home heating is what you need, then this is a suitable system for you. Ducted gas heating is very efficient. It can warm up your entire house instantly. The heating unit is usually installed outdoors or in the roof space inside your home. A network of ducts will then spread the heat to your entire house through several ducts. Through the controller, you can set the temperature of every single room inside your home separately. 

At Mannix, we offer a vast range of quality home heating systems from reliable brands. Our stores are located in eight different places across Australia. We also offer affordable finance options with very competitive interest rates.

Get ready for winter with a reliable heating system for your home. Call us now for a no-obligation free quote!