Home Heating System: When to Schedule Servicing

It doesn’t matter the type of home heating system you have in your Australian home. What is so important is to get it checked regularly every other year. However, heating systems, such as gas heaters may require checks that are even more frequent since they tend to have a shorter lifespan. There is also the risk of consequences from a gas leak that must not be ignored. 


Which Components of Your Home Heating System Should You Check?

During the service, there are critical components that must not be overlooked, such as the flue, burner, and gas pressure. The thermostat, gas pressure, air filters, as well as any hoses, must also be thoroughly inspected. It’s also essential that whoever is checking your gas heater complete a carbon monoxide test. 


How Often Should You Be Checking Your Home Gas Heater?

Because of the risks that come with possible carbon monoxide leaks, we recommend having your central system checked one every year. This will also ensure that your heater remains in good working order. This will keep you safe and comfortable all winter long. If you rent out your property, having an annual check is a legal requirement for landlords. 


Complete a Regular Test, Keep Yourself Safe, and Save Yourself Money! 

 Maintenance will not only prevent any life-threatening situation. It will also make sure that your home heating system is running as efficiently as it should. Regular maintenance is always a good idea, but it also doesn’t hurt to have it inspected directly after installation. Essentially, this can identify any installation faults. These all translate to saving you more money.  


How to Know If Your Home Heating System Requires Maintenance?

With a gas heating system, there are some things you can look out for yourself. These include an orange sooty flame, soot accumulating around the heater, or a pilot light that fails to remain lit. Likewise, you should be concerned if you notice heat on the wall when the appliance is on. Another thing to watch out for is if you experience any eye irritation when you get close to the unit. Obviously, of course, when you can smell gas, you will need to evacuate the property and call a professional straight away. 


If your system is maintained regularly, you’ll save money, time, and most importantly, ensure your family is safe. Call Mannix today for more professional advice!