How Big Does My Split System Need to Be to Cool My Home?

Australian summers are hot, and there’s no doubt about it. And while the warm weather is a fantastic way to enjoy the great outdoors, there often comes the point when the continuously hot weather gets to you, and you want a cool oasis to escape to. Our homes are usually this oasis; however, if they are not air adequately conditioned, they can feel just as hot as outside.

Many homeowners with established homes tend to opt for a split air conditioning system. However, some will find that the system they choose just isn’t doing the job, especially when the Summer temperatures are at an all-time high.

Here at Mannix Air Conditioning, we have been working in the air conditioning industry for over 50 years. Our team are passionate about our high-quality products and ensuring that we provide all of our customers with a premium service that provides them with an air conditioning system that suits your home and lifestyle needs.

Our extensive range of products includes a wide array of split air conditioning systems. We find that a split system is an excellent choice for those who are not wanting to invest in a ducted air conditioning system. However, to ensure that you choose a split system that will cool your home efficiently, it’s always best to seek help from a professional.

Below we have listed a few things you should know when selecting a split system air conditioner for your Australian home. Keep reading to find out more:

Will It Cool Your Entire Home?

If you’re looking for an air conditioning system that will heat and cool every room in your home, then a split system probably isn’t the best choice. However, if you’re looking to cool down your living areas such as open plan family living areas, or single bedrooms, there are split systems on the market that will undoubtedly help you get the job done.

If you’re wanting to cool several areas of your home and are not wanting to invest in a ducted system, you also have the option of installing multiple split systems in your home.

Size Will Make a Difference

If you are looking to install a reverse cycle split system in a living area that is quite large, the size of your split system will make all the difference. When you come to Mannix, one of our sales professionals will work one on one with you to discuss your room dimensions and what you’re looking to gain from your new split system. We are always ready to help you find a solution that fits you perfectly!

Our team have years of industry experience and use this knowledge to help you create an air conditioning system solution that will see your needs met.

Talk to the Professionals!

If you’re looking at investing in a split system for your Australian property, be sure to speak to the team at Mannix Air Conditioning today! With years of industry experience and a passion for first-class customer service, you won’t be disappointed!

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