How Often Should I Be Replacing My Home’s Air Conditioning Filters?

When it comes to your home’s air conditioning system, many homeowners underestimate the importance of changing their air conditioning filters. Failing to do so can result can result in damage to not only your system, but also result in less than fresh air being pumped around your Underwood home.

At Mannix Air Conditioning, we have been providing residents of Australia with premium air conditioning solutions for well over 50 years! You can rest assured that we have the experience and knowledge to help you make the best choice when it comes to your Underwood air conditioning solutions! Your air conditioning filters play a major role in the functionality and performance of your air conditioner, so ensuring that they are maintained and replaced accordingly is key.

But, how often should you be replacing your Underwood home or business’s air conditioning filters? Unfortunately, there is not one set answer.

Your everyday lifestyle plays a major role in how often you should be replacing your air conditioners filter. Contributing factors such as the type of air conditioning system you have, how much you use your air conditioner, and environmental impacts such as how many pets you have, will make a difference to the time between filter changes.

At Mannix Air, we can work with you to discuss your everyday lifestyle and usage requirements to advise you on the best amount of time to replace your air conditioning filters. Keep reading to find out why it is so important to change your air conditioning filters regularly:

Improve The Longevity Of Your Underwood Air Conditioning System!

With dirt and neglect being one of the leading causes for air conditioning systems failing, regular maintenance is vital to ensuring the longevity of your system. The best way to do this is to check your air conditioners filters regularly – this alone can potentially save you thousands in repair costs!

Better Quality Of Air For your Underwood Home!

Changing your filters regularly will ensure that your air filter system is producing cleaner, fresher and healthier air for you, your family and your guests. Taking the time to ensure that you have a clean air filter means that you are reducing the amount of dust, dust mites, pollen and other small particles that circulate in the air, resulting in a healthier and more enjoyable living space for all.

Cheaper Operating Costs!

With Underwood electricity prices seeming to be continually on the rise, it’s little wonder so many people are looking to reduce their electricity running costs wherever they can. Cleaning out your filters regularly means that your machine won’t have to work as hard to perform. This alone can see you save up to 15 percent on your utility running costs every year!

Mannix Air Conditioning Offers The Best Value In Australia!

When it comes to running your air conditioner, you need to ensure that you are maintaining your unit at an appropriate level to create longevity and high-performance. With over 50 years in the air conditioning business, Mannix has the buying power and experience to provide you with the very best solution no matter your air conditioning concern. Our team are passionate about providing all of our residents with a service that is second to none. Call or visit one of our stores today!