How Will I Know the Best Positioning for My Solar Panels!

Solar Adelaide

Getting solar panels for your Adelaide home is a large investment. That is why you need to choose every aspect carefully. When it comes to solar panels installations, there are several factors to consider. Apart from the solar panel efficiency levels and quality, positioning is also essential. It will help you make the most of your Adelaide solar panels. 

To work best, solar panels need to get as much direct sunlight as possible. There is a certain way to have your solar panel installed. The placement and orientation of your Adelaide solar panels will make all the difference. 

Here are a few guidelines on the best positioning for your Adelaide solar panels:


The first thing to consider for your Adelaide solar panels installation is the direction they should face. This aspect will have the most effect on your Adelaide solar system output. It all comes down to the simple logic of following the sun’s movements.

The rule for solar panel direction is different between the southern and northern hemispheres. Adelaide lies in the southern hemisphere. So, the best solar panel direction here is true north. This is different from magnetic or compass north. True north is geographic north. It is the direction towards the north pole. This ensures your Adelaide solar panels will receive as much sunlight as possible during the day. 


Another important consideration for installing solar panels on your Adelaide roof is the angle or the tilt. In general, the optimal solar panel tilt angle is equal to your geographical latitude. To make it simpler, the geographical latitude is how far south you are in relation to the equator. 

You can guarantee that the sunlight hits your Adelaide solar panels at a perpendicular angle with this angle. Therefore, this angle ensures most solar energy production for your panels. That is why you need to calculate it correctly. 


The nature, slope and size of your Adelaide rooftop will also greatly affect the output of your solar panels. Some Adelaide rooftops have a great slope. It provides the solar panels with the perfect angle to capture the sun’s energy. Steeper or flatter rooftops will require different mounting systems to help optimally position the solar panels. 

If your Adelaide roof is not the best place for your solar panels, do not worry. Installing solar panels on rooftops is not a must. Instead, you can go for free-standing solar panels. When installed correctly, these solar panels can also provide you with valuable output. 

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