Make Winter Bearable Again With Gas Heating From Mannix!

Our homes are generally a place we can escape from the outside world. A place to decompress and rest after a stressful week, a place to entertain our nearest and dearest and the place we seek comfort from during the rough times. However, when the winter weather strikes and your home’s heating system (or lack thereof) fails you, it can quickly turn your home into somewhere that proves to more uncomfortable than relaxing.

But, there is something that can help you create a living space that comforting and inviting.

Here at Mannix, we have over 50 years of industry experience helping residents all over the country with their home or business heating needs! Gas heating proves to be one of our most popular heating options because of the system’s convenience, energy and cost savings, reliable supply and environmental benefits.

Don’t avoid your home because it’s not comfortable any longer. Experience the benefit of a gas heating system from Mannix Air!

Below we have listed a few of the benefits that come with a gas heating system and why you need to consider one for your Australian home. Keep reading to find out more:

What Is Gas Heating?

You can choose between gas wall heaters and ducted heating powered by gas. At Mannix, we specialise in both!

Both provide heating through the means of gas. Gas will enter the furnace through the intake duct, which is where cold air meets the gas and produces a flame. The air that comes into contact with the heater moves over hot tubes, which then results in hot air that is then pushed out by a fan to heat your home.

The Benefits Of Gas Heating!

Reliable Heating Supply

Unlike electricity, having a gas heater means that your home’s warmth is not affected by the weather, which means that you and your family remain warm and comfortable when you need it most!

Instantaneous Heat!

Probably one of the most significant benefits to gas heating is that it will provide you with instant heat! As soon as you switch on your Mannix gas heating system heat will begin to fill your home. No more waiting for your home to warm up – bliss!

It’s Cheaper To Run!

Electricity costs seem to be continually on the rise. Natural gas is cheaper than electricity, in Australia anyway! Gas heaters offer you lower running costs and will save you money in the long term.

Better For The Environment!

Compared to using coal or oil, gas proves to provides very low carbon emissions. Gas only emits a minimal amount of pollution when it’s burned as well as hardly any sulphur, no solid waste and far less nitrogen dioxide than fossil fuels. Go with gas, and you’ll be doing your part for the environment!

If you’re thinking about transitioning to gas heating, be sure to head into Mannix today! Our team of friendly gas heating experts will help you select a gas heating system that perfectly fits your Adelaide home.

Don’t spend another winter freezing, call Mannix today!