Bonaire Pinnacle Evaporative Cooling PES160

3 – 5 Outlets
Cool Only
115 SQ/M

Product Description

Bonaire PES160

  • Units/Small Homes, 3 – 5 Outlets
  • 7 Year Manufacturers Warranty
  • Australian Owned & Made
  • imPress Super-efficient Axial Flux Motor
  • Quiet Aero Wing Low RPM Fan
  • Humidity Control
  • Range of Colours


Bonaire Pinnacle PES160

Innovative ImPress® Motor Technology

The Pinnacle in Evaporative Cooling, introducing the latest developments in motor cooler technologies for efficient cooing with considerably less running costs than many similar coolers and some of the most advance operational features available.

Features and Benefits

  • Innovative ImPress® Motor technology developed for the World Solar Car challenge saves up to 40% in running costs with less noise
  • Advanced Hushwing™ Fan Design incorporates Bonaire Vortex Generators™ for more airflow with less noise at lower RPM.
  • Stylish strong cabinet design hugs the profile of your roof.
  • Bonaire Humidity Control improves performance on humid days
  • Bonaire Air Ioniser helps purify air before releasing it
  • Bonaire Water Management replaces water only when needed and empties your tank after use
  • 120mm CELdek filter pads optimise the cooling performace of the Pinnacle
  • Pad clean funtion, cleans the CELdek pads before use
  • PreCool gets the pads wet before the unit starts for instant fresh cool air
  • Includes the Bonaire Enviroseal Shutter for fully automatic sealing of ducting against winter heat loss and draughts.
  • Now you can eliminate most of your daytime cooling costs with the Pinnacle Solar Cooling Option. With the solar panel installed on top of your cooler, you can run on low on solar until you require additional power, when it automatically uses mains power.