Bonaire Series 3 Gas Heater (25kW)

Model: MB3-25I
Size: 25kW


When installed as part of a ducted system the MB3 will provide effective and efficient whole of home heating to keep out the chills of winter. All heaters are constructed with the Bonaire multi tube heat exchanger, electronic ignition and state of the art diagnostic control boards. Plus the heaters are supplied complete with the Bonaire Slimline Digital thermostat or the option of the Navigator wall mounted digital controller that allows you to preset four independent heating periods per day. With the Navigator you can just set and forget.


The affordable 3 star value performer. The Bonaire MB3 heaters are a three star rated series designed as an efficient solid performing unit with numerous features and packaged at a very affordable price.
Bonaire MB3 Features:
• Multi tube heat exchanger delivering a three star energy efficiency rating
• Induced draft combustion for improved performance and energy efficiency
• Electronic ignition eliminating the need for a pilot light
• Slimline Digital thermostat included with the unit
• Simple, easy stop start timer • Efficient operation
• Engineered and constructed in Australia for Australian conditions
• Designed to fit in small compact roof spaces
• Easy installation
• Three year parts and labour warranty
• Upgrade option to the fully featured Navigator wall mounted control
• Interior or exterior models available
All ducted gas heaters are supplied with an Energy Star rating label. These labels provide details of the amount of gas each unit will consume over a normal winter. It’s an indicative guide that outlines the running cost of the heater in terms of annual energy usage. The more efficient the heater the higher the star rating. The higher the star rating the more money you can potentially save on running costs. On average an increase of one star means energy savings of approximately 10 percent
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* The running cost data used to determine these results is based on AS/NZS 5263.1.6:2020. This standard determines a house heat load of 0.2 Mega joules per hour per cubic meter of living area heated of 600 hours of operation (100 days at 6 hours per day). Savings are specifically based as a comparison with a three star ducted gas heater. Calculations for gas usage are based on the Average House Floor Area (with 2400mm ceiling) for new homes as published by the Australian Bureau of Statistics from a study commissioned by Commsec in 2013. The calculations were specifically based on the Annual Energy Consumption in accordance with the AGA Star ratings for Ducted Gas systems and using a gas cost of 1.6 cents per MJ/HR. Savings should be seen as a guide only as actual heating performance and therefore savings, may vary due to a number of factors including home construction and size, gas costs, heater usage, zoning and thermal insulation.

Controller Options
Slimline Digital Manual Control
• Slimline Digital Controller
• Easy to operate and simple timer operation
• Small, compact and slimline
• Option to control multiple Bonaire appliances
• Clear and easy-to-read LCD display
• Compatible with 3 star ducted gas heating
Navigator® Wall Mounted Controller
The wall mounted Navigator controller has all of the features of the wireless remote, but is wall mounted. It will maintain comfort conditions and operation and allow setting changes from a fixed location.
Navigator Hard Wired Features
• Multiple zone and thermostat option, up to 4 controllers**
• Large, clear and easy to read backlit LCD display
• Customised operational settings
• Full 7 day x 4 event programmable
• Integrated 4 zone control as standard*
• Compatible with Bonaire Dual Cycle and Evaporative coolers
• Diagnostics and error reporting

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