Bonaire Evaporative SBB800

3 – 5 Outlets
Cool Only
115 SQ/M
Existing Unit Replaced* 
Fully Installed from $2500


Existing Unit Replacement Only Fully Installed includes, New Unit, Change over, Plumbing & Electrical Only. *Conditions Apply.


Bonaire Summer Breeze Evaporative Cooling

The Bonaire Summer Breeze is the value for money choice.

Bonaire coolers have been designed and manufactured to provide effective and efficient cooling to Australia’s harsh environments.

Whether you are looking for the whole of home cooling provided by the Integra and Summer Breeze models or a the one room solution provided by the Durango model, Bonaire can satisfy your needs.

Ideal for both new homes and changeover installations the Bonaire Summer Breeze has been specifically developed to provide a quick easy changeover for many old evaporative coolers. All units can be installed on a standard sized dropper duct. So when it comes to replace your old evaporative cooler by choosing a Bonaire Summer Breeze you get a more efficient unit usually with far more features than you have ever had before.
The Bonaire Summer Breeze has an injected moulded polymer cabinet construction and sloping base tank. It comes standard with Bonaire Aquamiser water management as is available in three colours: Charcoal; Terracotta Red and Beige.


*Conditions Apply

Subject to Early Payment Discount Terms

Standard Install Metro Area

Based on a Bonaire SBB800

All units available at time of preparation of promotion

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