Hitachi Ducted Reverse Cycle Sysytem (12.5kW)

Model: RPI-5.0FSN2SQ
Size: 12.5kW(C) / 14.okW(H)

Hitachi split ducted air conditioners offer DC inverter control and the ability to achieve superior operating efficiency, ranging in capacity from 5kW to 16kW nominal cooling capacity.

Discreet Concealed Installation
The indoor ducted unit is designed to fit into ceiling spaces where it supplies conditioned air through ducting to required rooms.

Ducted systems provide concealed ceiling air conditioning that doesn’t occupy valuable wall space and air diffusers can be positioned to fit around lighting and other fixtures.

Multi-Room Installation
Ducted heating and cooling for the entire home, retail or office space with a single split ducted air conditioning unit.

Whisper Quiet
Ducted air conditioning systems are one of the quietest types of air conditioning with installed sound levels quieter than an equivalent capacity wall mounted air conditioners.

Key Features
1. Space Saving Design With a height of 270mm the RAD-E50, 60 and 70 can be installed in almost any application including homes, apartments or commercial buildings.

Energy Saving Features
At the push of a button, Eco Mode efficiently delivers a slightly reduced temperature to help keep energy consumption to a minimum. Hitachi RAD Series have ultra low standby power to further increase energy efficiency.

SPX-WKT2 Wired Controller
Applicable to indoor models RAD-E50, 60, 70:
– Room temp indication
– 24/7 time schedule
– Eco mode
– Sleep timer
– Backlight display

Peace of Mind.
With a five year warranty and backed by one of Australia’s largest manufacturers, Temperzone Australia — you will always have peace of mind.

The best option for your home
Featuring a lightweight, compact design, our ducted one-to-one systems are the ideal option when installation spaces are tight and challenging.
Incorporating the power of DC technology, Hitachi’s ducted range offers stepless inverter control and the ability to achieve superior operating efficiency. Ranging in capacity from 5kW to 16kW, we deliver the level of comfort, convenience, and reliability that you’ve come to expect from Hitachi.
Offering great flexibility when negotiating constrained or limited ceiling cavities, it offers a simple yet highly effective air conditioning solution. Thanks to a unique condenser fan design, outdoor noise levels are also extremely low, making them an ideal choice for use in highly built-up areas. They also feature a unique heat exchanger fan design that increases the unit’s heating capacity in cold conditions.
Power consumption levels (as a percentage of the maximum) can be selected in advance. Following an external command during operation, the system will automatically detect the amount of power being used and limit itself to the predetermined amount during peak power usage periods.
31cm Drain pump pressure lift. RAD-E50, 60 and 70 only.
airCloud Home exclusive to Hitachi
A smarter way to control your air conditioner. Anytime, anywhere.
Making sure your home is at the perfect temperature for when you arrive has never been easier. Hitachi airCloud Home allows you to remotely monitor and control your system from a single app through your smartphone.
airCloud Home is fully compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, enabling you to control your air conditioner hands-free.
Connect your air conditioner to your location and automatically stop and start your AC as you leave and return home.
• On / Off Operation
• ALL Units OFF
• Operation Mode Selectable
• Temperature Adjustment
• Smart Speaker (Google Assistant & Amazon Alexa)
• Smart Fence • Weekly Scheduling
• On / Off Timer
• Adjustable Louvre
• Fan Speed
• Free firmware updates to latest features
• Unlimited units can be controlled through one app
• Account Management – Access for up to 20 users – Set up user permissions
• Customer Support
• Personalisation – Indoor unit naming
• Smart Notifications

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