LG High Static Ducted Reverse Cycle (10.5kW)

Model: B36AWY-7G6
Size: 10.5kW(C) / 13.0kW(H

5 Outlets-2 Zones
Fully installed from

Zone Control of up to 8 zones with the LG premium controller
Wi-Fi Compatible (Dongle module sold separately)
Quiet Mode
Compact indoor unit helps make it easy to install in small spaces
5 Year Parts and Labour Warranty

Original price was: $8,270.00.Current price is: $7,990.00.

Why LG Ducted Air Conditioning?
Designed for the way you live, our ducted air conditioners can be installed in a new home or tailored to an existing one. Our ducted units can typically be installed discreetly in residential houses – so you can create a space that’s cool, comfortable and stylish. To give you peace of mind, we also provide a 5 year parts and labour warranty on our ducted systems, so comfort will be with you for years to come.
With LG Ducted System air conditioning products, you’ll also enjoy benefits such as:
• Optional Wi-Fi Control – so that you can control your unit with your Smartphone, even when you’re not at home*.
• Improved Energy Efficiency – The latest Inverter technology from LG helps to lower cooling costs in the summer
• Zone Control – take control of up to 8 zones with the LG premium controller and indicate each zone name such as Office, Hallway, etc
For ease of installation, energy efficiency and flexibility to design your home stylishly, LG ducted air conditioning systems are the smart choice.
Come home to comfort
Wi-Fi Smart Control Compatible
The LG Smart ThinQ App lets you access and control your air conditioner with your smartphone* even when you’re not at home, so you can come home to comfort. (Optional Wi-Fi dongle module sold separately).
Zone Control
It is possible to control up to 8 zones from the premium controller and indicate a zone name such as Office, Hallway, etc. There are 18 names to choose from.
Variable Airflow Technology (VAT)
Variable Airflow Technology monitors the dampers so that only the required amount of air is discharged into the space. This helps to lower energy consumption by up to 20%*
*LG internal test result based on previous 15kW Duct model B55AWYN7G5 vs. new 15kW Duct model B55AWYN7G6.
Premium Controller
Touch Colour Screen Controller*
The LG Individual controller provides intuitive GUI with colour LCD and touch type interface Main Screen Selection – Choose between detailed and simple formats to meet your Schedule Control needs – Allows temperture control in conjunction with the time of day, allowing a customised setting that suits your lifestyle.
Premium Design with Intuitive Interface
The luxurious design of the premium controller complements the interior design through a colourful display coupled with a simple user friendly button layout, making it easier to control.
Energy Monitoring
The Premium Controller provides additional visibility on energy usage.
Zone Control
The Premium Controller provides control over more zones (eight) and allows zones to be renamed.
Filter Clean Information
The Premium Controller provides additional information on how long you have until you need to clean your filter.
Child Lock Function
The Premium Controller provides additional child lock options.
2 Set-Point Auto (Home Leave – Premium Controller Only)
The Premium Controller “Home Leave“ function sets the room temperature to stay between a range of two set temperature points when your home is unoccupied. This allows for a quicker return to a comfortable indoor environment when you return.
Summer Hours Setting (Premium Controller Only)
Summer time: The premium controller allows you to advance the time by 1 hour from the spring and return back in Autumn when the day gets shorter.
Energy Efficiency
Efficiency Comparison
The energy efficiency increase vs previous LG models (10.5kw), helps to lower operating costs. (Cooling AEER 14%↑ and Heating ACOP 24%↑)
LG Quick Cooling
Pressure control is more efficient* so it takes less time to reach your desired temperature.
* vs. LG Conventional.
Cooling Season – Operation Cost Reduction
The latest Inverter technology from LG helps to lower cooling costs in the summer.
Unoccupied Mode
When you leave your home unoccupied, instead of turning your system off and letting your home get hot or cold, you can press the dedicated unoccupied button which will set the room temperature to stay between a range of two set temperture points. This allows for a quicker return to a comfortable indoor environment when you return.
* Home Leave Set Temperature function can only be used in a 2 set control mode.
Quiet Mode
Night Silent Operation can reduce noise levels at night time by setting the dip switch on the PCB of the outdoor unit*. *Based on cooling operation.
External Controller Management*
Programmable thermostats have become popular due to their energy saving benefits, improved comfort and convenience. * LG dry contact sold seperately. Please check with your dealer to ensure compatibility between your 3rd party thermostat and the LG Air Conditioner.
Home Automation System*
A home automation system can control lighting, climate, entertainment systems and appliances.
* LG Modbus RTU gateway sold separately
Compact Indoor Unit
The premium ducted split system has a small chassis. This small split type of indoor unit helps make it easy to install in narrow and small spaces.
Double Drain Pan
To prevent damage caused by accidental leakage or blocked drain, the indoor unit has an integrated safety tray.
Smart Diagnosis*
Monitor the status of your air conditioner and diagnose problems by connecting it to a smartphone via a SIMs chip*.
*SIMs Module optional (technician only option). SIM app: 1. Use a SIM’s chip to connect a smartphone to an air-conditioner. 2. Monitor & diagnose in real time using the SIM app.
Detection of Refrigerant Change
The refrigerant levels are continuously monitored. If the amount of refrigerant drops to 60%, an alert will be sounded and running will be stopped.
Peak Current Control
Through the peak current control technology, it is possible to save energy and operational costs. By limiting to the maximum running current, the air conditioner can avoid running on the peak current level. This function can reduce energy cost during peak periods when electric charge is expensive.
The gold-coloured special coating on the fin of the heat exchanger prevents corrosion, extending the life of the unit.

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