Panasonic CS/CU-Z42VKR Wall Split Inverter

4.20kW(C) / 5.10kW(H)
Cool / Heat
up to 35 SQ/M

Product Description

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Panasonic CS/CU-Z42VKR

4.20kW(C) / 5.10kW(H)

  • Room Size up to 35 SQ/M
  • 2 actions in one Air conditioner (Purify and Heat/cool your room)
  • Nanoe™ X Air purification system (Eliminates common indoor odours: cigarette smoke, sweat, damp smell, pets, cooking)
  • Inhibits common household Viruses, Bacteria and Mould
  • 5 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • Quiet Operation
  • Fast Shower Cooling – 2 independent air blade for greater airflow control.
  • Energy rating: 3 star (cooling), 3 (heating)

You can enjoy it as cool or warm as you want with this Panasonic air conditioner with built in Nanoe™ X air purification system.

The revolutionary nanoe™ X system actively cleans the air within the room, creating a fresher and healthier living environment by using water molecules filled with OH radicals to neutralise micro-organisms – removing 99 per cent of airborne bacteria, viruses and mould*. As well as cleaning airborne impurities, these molecules also offer adhesive inhibition of 99% of bacteria and viruses on surfaces. Allergens that can affect asthma sufferers, such as pollen, pet dander and mite droppings are also inhibited.

You can have it cool or warm with this Panasonic air conditioner’s inverter. Its 4.2 kW cooling capacity lets you remain cool, calm and collected on blistering-hot days. The Panasonic CS/CU-Z42VKR features 5.1 kW heating capacity, so you can warm up the house on cold days. Protect the planet all summer long with its 3 star cooling energy rating. The CS/CU-Z42VKR air conditioner’s 3 star heating energy rating enables you to heat your home affordably and responsibly.


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*Research undertaken by FCG Research Institute, Kitasato Research Centre for Environmental Science and Japan Food Research Technologies.

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