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Quality Roof Restoration

Your roof plays a pivotal role in protecting you and your family from the harsh elements in the environment including heat, cold, wind, and rain. So it makes sense to keep it at 100%. Restoring your roof can save you almost 50% – 70% of the costs to install a complete new roof, and can often look like you have installed a brand new roof. Roof restoration will also add value to your home and overall make your home look fresh and new.

Mannix specialises in a personal approach, offering a free no obligation inspection and quote of your homes roof. Our experienced team, will ensure you are well informed and assist you in making the right decision for your lifestyle and home.


Tiled Roof Restoration

Roof Colour Coating Process

We thoroughly check for any broken and leaking tiles, loose ridge caps, check all seals around flue’s and ensure valleys and Gutters are not leaking, any leaks are rectified. Downpipes are disconnected from Stormwater and Rainwater tanks and temporary Downpipe sleeves are used. The Roof is then pressure cleaned using economical water efficient nozzles to blast away all Mould ,Lichen , Moss and Dirt, Once the Roof is clean we then Rinse down the Roof and ensure all Gutters are free from debris. The old mortar from loose ridge caps is removed, and the Ridge Caps are then Re bedded using a sand and cement mix, all Ridge Caps are then repointed using an acrylic flexible compound, Weep holes are placed along all main ridge.

Post cleanng roof inspection. The roof surface is then sterilised to kill any remaining mould spores. The roof is then coated/sealed with a primer bond which allows for adhesion of the following top coats. Two top coats of a highly reflective Roof Membrane are then applied

Iron Roof Restoration

We inspect the Roof for any leaks, loose or rusted sheets, leaks are rectified sheets are refastened or replaced where required. Disconnect Downpipes from Stormwater and Rainwater tanks, temporary sleeves are then fitted The Roof is then pressure cleaned using economical water efficient Nozzles Specific primers are then applied depending on the Roof type Two top Coats of a highly efficient reflective coating are then applied Mannix are a well-known and trusted name in South Australia and have been delivering High Quality Product and Service for 50 Years.

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