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Roof Capping

Ridge Cap Repairs

Why are Ridge caps important on your roof?

Over a period of time the Ridge caps tend to break away from the pointing and bedding mortar,  partly due to the expansion and contraction of you roof, as well as constant adverse weather conditions.

Up until the early 90s all pointing was done with a sand and cement mix (which was not flexible) and the appropriate oxide to match the colour required.

Mannix Roofing can remove all the ridge caps and old mortar from your roof and professionally re-bed them, replacing any broken tiles or tile cuts as required. We then point the ridge caps using a flexible pointing compound, ensuring weep holes are placed in all required areas.

If your roof needs just a few ridge caps re-bedded, or more comprehensive attention, call Mannix Home Improvements on 1300 626 649. All workmanship and materials are guaranteed, and work conducted quickly and professionally, using only the best quality materials.