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Roof Cleaning

Why clean your roof?

  • A clean roof improves the appearance, and subsequent value, of your home.
  • A clean roof allows for the collection of clean rain water.
  • Roof cleaning removes moss, lichen and mould, which can lead to thousands of dollars of damage by stopping or restricting correct water run off.


High Pressure Roof Cleaning

High Pressure Roof Cleaning will improve the appearance of your home, remove bird droppings, moss, lichen and mould from your roof and allow for clean rainwater collection. Using economical water efficient nozzles Mannix will change any broken tiles, ensure any potential leaks are rectified, Pressure wash the entire roof area and rinse down, clean and wash out your gutters, then wash down all fascia’s and walkways. When finished your Roof and Gutters will be free from all debris allowing for clean Rainwater collection.

Mannix are a well-known and trusted name in South Australia and have been delivering High Quality Product and Service for 50 Years. At Mannix Roofing we aim to exceed your expectations. Call Mannix now for your obligation free roof cleaning quote on 1300 626 649.