Stay Cool This Summer with These Air Conditioning Maintenance Tips!

You are walking home, hot and sweaty, on a summer day. Thankfully, your home is well equipped to keep you dry and comfy. It sounds like a dream, right? 

The summer heat is all fun and games when you have a split system air conditioner on your side. Your living space can become a cool, safe haven with a well-maintained air conditioning solution. An efficient split system and good maintenance routine are the essentials to defeating even the fiercest heat waves

To keep your home permanently cool, you can’t have your A/C giving up on you when you need it most. The best way to prevent your split system air conditioning for failing is by keeping it in good shape throughout the year. Neglecting your split air system during the winter might cause you to suffer in the hot summer months. 

Instead, apply these simple split system air conditioner maintenance tips and face the summer well prepared!

Keep Your Split System Air Conditioner Unit As Clean As Possible

Dust and dirt are essential sources of damage to your air conditioner unit. If you allow these particles to collect over your split system air conditioner unit, eventually they’ll find there way inside. If dust starts piling over the important operating pieces of your A/C, its function can quickly become compromised.

Take Good Care of Air Filters

Air conditioner filters are essential to the proper functioning of your split system unit. When dirt and other debris accumulate in them, airflow is obstructed. In turn, your unit will instantly become less efficient. This means that not only will your split system struggle to cool off your home, it will also consume more energy. Why risk paying more while being more uncomfortable? It is important to clean and routinely replace air filters to avoid experiencing a reduced cooling effect from your A/C.

Inspect Your Split System Air Conditioner’s Coils

An airconditioner’s coil is essential for your split system to absorb heat. Without properly eliminating heat from your home, keeping the air cool and refreshing becomes nearly impossible. Even if you’ve been cleaning your split system unit regularly, dust can still make its way into its coils. This is the reason every once in a while you should take a look and make sure they’re clean. If not, quickly removing dirt is critical. If you aren’t sure as to how to appropriately clean these inner parts on your own, get help. It’s always better to hire help that damaging your split system unit.

When In Doubt, Call the Professionals!

If your split system’s insides are dirty, it is not cooling appropriately, or it is making weird noises call a pro! A professional can best spot problems in your unit and correct them promptly. This way, you won’t have to worry about damaging your unit during a DIY attempt. Plus, the longer you take to resolve the problem, the more your unit can get damaged. Don’t struggle through weeks of heat, instead, get your split system in good shape quickly and easily.

Looking for a Brand New Split System Air Conditioner?

If your split system air conditioner unit is beyond maintenance, investing in a new one might be the only option. At Mannix, we have all the best split system units from top-performing brands.

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