Stratco Outback® Sunroof Patio

Take control of the weather with the innovative Stratco Outback Sunroof Patio. Open and close the electronically controlled louvres to your desired position. Let the sunlight in when the weather is fine and be protected when the clouds set in.


The Best of the Weather at Your Fingertips

Now you can take control of your outdoor living experience like never before thanks to the Stratco Outback Living Sunroof. With the remote controlled louvres you can take full advantage of your outdoor space whatever the weather. Feel the breeze and warm sun when the weather is fine and receive cover from the weather when clouds roll in – just set the louvres to your ideal position

By adjusting the rotating louvres with the hand held remote, you can easily control the level of sunlight, shade and weather shielding. With the system’s inbuilt rain sensor, there’s no need to worry about sudden sun showers – the blades will close automatically if rain is detected. When the blades are completely shut they form an elegant ceiling-like interlocking surface that shields you from bad weather.



  • Visit a store for a consultation or have a Stratco patio expert come to you
  • Each construction kit is manufactured for your individual needs
  • Available with a great selection of on-trend features that can be included from the Outback® Evolution range
  • Invest in market leading designs and innovative aesthetics
  • Large spans provide a clear, uncluttered appearance
  • Achieve a tidy and clean appearance with hidden fixings and enclosed framework
  • Tested and certified by Stratco and Independent Engineers for peace of mind
  • Available as a DIY installation package or have it installed by an Authorised Outback Dealer



Know that your investment in a durable Stratco Outback is secure with the protection of a 15 year structural warranty as well as a one year installation warranty when installed by Mannix. All products in the Stratco Outback range have been stringently engineered and assessed to comply with all relevant Australian Standards. All major components are made from strong high tensile steel, while the fixings and brackets are galvanised for a long usable life and to protect from harsh Australian conditions.



Looking for a no fuss no muss installation? We can visit your home and custom design, supply and install your patio for you!

  • Mannix is an Authorised Outback Dealer that can do it all
  • Receive a free, no commitment in-home consultation with one of our industry experts that can answer any of your questions
  • Our professionals are fully licensed and insured
  • Efficient, friendly service.



Looking for the perfect D.I.Y patio project instead? Come for an in-store consultation to see one of our experts that can tailor exactly what you’re looking for.



The Stratco Outback Sunroof is available in both a flat roof or gable design. As a flat roof, it can span up to 3.9 metres and 7.2 metres as a gable roof thanks to quality, well-engineered blades. The blades are made of powder coated aluminium and feature an inbuilt weather strip to block out noise and form a tight, protective seal. When the blades are moving there’s no need to shout over each other – all moving parts use specially designed bushes for whisper quiet performance. The blades are driven by a powerful 24 volt DC linear actuator, allowing life-long reliable operation.


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