Summer Airconditioning Maintenance Tips!

The summer is the worst time of the year to have your split system air conditioner give up on you. Thankfully, there’s an easy way to prevent this unfortunate situation. The answer lies in simple airconditioning maintenance.

Spending just a little time caring for your split system air conditioning is more than enough. A smart routine will help you prevent malfunction, expensive repairs, and most importantly, uncomfortable home temperature.

If you have not prepared appropriately for the summer, though, don’t worry. There’s still plenty you can do to prevent a summer tragedy.

Here Are the Best Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Split System Air Conditioning Working All Summer Long:

Inspect Your Air Filters In Time

When your filters are clogged, your split system can’t appropriately cool air. This results in reduced efficiency and higher energy bills. Additionally, the gunk stuck to your air filters will be dispersed into the air, worsening allergies, and air quality.

Don’t let the summer heat catch you off guard. Before the heatwave comes, get your air filters clean and ready to work. If you haven’t replaced your system’s air filters in a while, make sure to do so before its too late. Split system air conditioning experts at Mannix can instruct you as to when to do this, depending on your unit.

Update Your Thermostat

Is your thermostat control working appropriately? Could you benefit from updating it? These are all critical questions to ask yourself before summer arrives. If you don’t have a smart thermostat, investing in one might be an excellent choice to consider. These devices can turn on and off strategically, improving energy efficiency in your home.

Do the Necessary Mechanical Maintenance

Dirt and debris are all present in the air and most homes, Without us noticing, these contaminants make their way into our split system units, down to the smallest mechanical parts. As they accumulate within, dirt can cause severe damage to your air conditioner.

You must try and keep your split system air conditioning unit as clean as possible on the outside. This reduces the amount of dust that could potentially get inside. Before the summer comes, take time to clean the condenser and coils thoroughly. Getting a third party to come in for annual unit maintenance is also a wise move.

Find the Best Split System Air Conditioning at Mannix

A split system air conditioning is key to surviving the summer heat. Find the best one at Mannix. We carry a massive range of split system air conditioners for all budgets and needs. And with over 9 locations in South Adelaide, reaching you won’t be hard.

Discuss your wants and needs with our staff, and we’ll help you find the perfect solution for the upcoming summer. Call us at 1300 626 649 for more information or request a free quote on our split system air conditioning units!