Where Should I Install My Outdoor Air Conditioning Unit?

Air conditioners are a white good that immediately makes our Underwood home’s a sanctuary during Australia’s infamous heat waves. However, there is a little more to consider when it comes to selecting a new air conditioning system than just how many rooms you need to cool.

Different air conditioning systems have differently sized units depending on their size. These outdoor units need to be located in an area that is well ventilated and protected from the elements. Here at Mannix, we have been working in the industry for over 50 years, meaning that when it comes to selecting the perfect air conditioning system, our team is sure to take the time to understand every requirement to ensure that you are left with your ideal air conditioning system.

We understand the importance of installing your air conditioning unit in the correct place. To help give you a better understanding of why this is so important, we have listed a few critical points below. Keep reading to find out more:

Locate a Space

When you’re installing a new air conditioning system, you need to ensure that there is enough room on your property for your air conditioning unit. Don’t get us wrong, you don’t need to block off an enormous amount of space, but just enough so that your unit is well-ventilated while still being protected from the elements. Many of our clients use their driveway or under the carport, but if space allows and it is logistically possible you may even be able to have your outdoor unit on your roof.

Consider These Things Once You’ve Found A Space For Your Unit:

If you think you’ve found your ideal outdoor unit space check to ensure that the area is free from trees and specifically dusty areas as this will help you keep your air conditioner filters cleaner for longer, reducing the risk of them becoming blocked and dirty.

It is also important to consider the role the sun plays in the efficiency of your air conditioning unit. For example, if you were to locate your Underwood home’s air conditioning unit in direct sunlight, you would find that hours of exposure to the harsh Australian sun will result in your unit having to work much harder to combat its internal temperature.

Also, be sure to keep in mind the location of you and your neighbours’ bedrooms as air conditioning units can make some noise while in operation.

If you’re thinking about investing in a new air conditioning system for your Underwood property, be sure to head into a Mannix store today! Our years of industry experience and commitment to our customers will see you supplied with an air conditioning system that is the perfect fit for both your home and your lifestyle.

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