Which Fujitsu Heating System Is Best For Your Adelaide Home?

Australia is well known for its unique climate. We experience everything from scorching hot Summer days, right through to frosty and wet days that leave you no other choice but to pull out the Kathmandu jacket. Here at Mannix, we pride ourselves on helping our clients get through those harsher months with a heating solution that is perfect for their Australian property.

If you’re looking to add a heating system that will remove the discomfort winter can bring, then you can’t go past the array of Fujitsu heating products we have available. When it comes to heating your place of business or home, there is no better solution!

So, if you’re wondering why we love Fujitsu heating solutions, keep reading to learn about the information you need to arrive at the right decision!

Variety of Products

It’s quite simple, when a brand has a variety of heating products for your property, the more likely you are to find something that is going to be tailored to your living requirements. Whether you’re in the market for a split system for that rumpus room, or a ducted system to ensure your entire home is heating efficiently, Fujitsu can supply you with what you need.

Here at Mannix, we are confident that the many Fujitsu heating products will provide you with the choice you deserve!


When the time comes to making a significant home investment, such as a new heating system, you want to go with a brand name you can trust to avoid investing in something unreliable. Fujitsu is a well-known air conditioning/heating brand that has a fantastic reputation for delivering the best in your home heating and cooling needs. With a long-standing history manufacturing a wide range of white goods, you can trust that Fujitsu has a product to fit your every need.

Professional Knowledge and Experience

Here at Mannix, we have over 50 years of industry experience! We bring this knowledge and expertise to every one of our customers. When you come to us looking for a new heating solution for your Australian home or business, we take the time to ensure you choose a product that is the perfect fit for your property.

Here at Mannix, we can vouch for the success of the Fujitsu heating systems. Don’t spend another winter uncomfortable and cold, give our team a call or visit one of our stores today!