5 Facts You Didn’t Know About Solar Power!

As solar technology advances, it is becoming clearer that the future will be sunny. More people realise the benefits of solar systems in Adelaide. With the decrease in the prices of solar panels, the demand has increased drastically. Today, solar panels are becoming a normal part of Adelaide homes and other buildings.

Relying more on solar energy is not just beneficial for the environment. It will also reduce the dependency of Adelaide on dirty fossil fuels that are quickly running out. Even though they are becoming extremely popular, there is still a bit of mystery surrounding solar panels.

Here are some facts to help you understand the importance of solar power more:

Solar Power Can Replace All Other Energy Sources

Unlike fossil fuels, solar energy is not scarce. In fact, it is the most abundant energy resource on earth. Every hour, the amount of solar power hitting the earth could replace all other energy sources for a year. Right now, there are not enough solar panels in Adelaide to catch all this energy.

Additionally, to make use of solar power, we do not need much space. With solar panels covering as little as one per cent of our planet’s area, there would be enough energy to meet the world’s total power needs. Now, think if all rooftops of Adelaide had solar panels.

South Australia Made a Solar World Record

In October 2020, solar power covered all the energy demand of South Australia for the first time. The solar panels on rooftops of homes and businesses contributed to about seventy-six per cent. According to the Australian Energy Market Operator, this is a world-first solar record. There was even some excess solar energy production. It was mostly exported to Victoria and stored in batteries.

Solar Panels Do Not Need Direct Sunlight

Even on the cloudy Adelaide winter days, your solar panels will still produce energy. Solar panels do not need direct sunlight. They can make energy from different parts of the sunlight’s spectrum. You can rest assured your Adelaide solar panels will work for you all year round.

The Cost of Solar Energy Is Not as High as You Think

Compared to fossil fuels, the cost of solar panels is highly competitive. You just should look at it from a long-term perspective. By relying on a renewable, free energy source, your Adelaide home can only expect more savings in the future. The electricity cost in Adelaide has been increasing regularly. At the same time, solar panel prices are getting cheaper. This gap will just continue to get wider and bigger.

Investing in Solar Panels Is Extremely Rewarding 

Getting solar panels for your Adelaide home can cost you a lot upfront. However, over time, the benefits of solar systems in Adelaide includes practically paying for itself. Just consider all the savings on your Adelaide electricity bills.

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