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Mannix Solar offer experience, knowledge and above all else, total peace of mind. After 50 Years you can trust we will be there when you need us.

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BIG capacity solar system
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Just by uploading your latest power bills, the team at Mannix can get back to you with an accurate home energy solution within 24 hours.

Our experienced solar consultants can tailor a home energy solution based on your homes energy usage.

Simply upload the most recent power bills (up to 12 months for a more accurate analysis) and we will get back to you with a solution in no time.

Get a home energy analysis based on your power bills, simply upload your power bills here…

The difference with Mannix Solar

Choosing the right solar or battery system to suit your homes energy needs requires a high level of care and experience.

When making an investment like the purchase of a solar or battery system, you need a company that will be here to back your warranty! Trusting a company to support your long-term ambition and guide you through the journey towards a greener future for you and your family is key. For over 55 years Mannix has been trusted by South Australians with keeping your homes cool in the summer and warm in the winter. And now you can trust Mannix to help you reduce your electricity bills and help you do your part for the environment.

It’s time we were all more self-sufficient, and there is no better place to start than a Mannix solar or battery system. Mannix, Solar with a difference.

Danny Mannix
Solar Manager

Danny Mannix

Why Choose Mannix for Solar?

Mannix 15 YEAR Solar Installation Warranty

Mannix Solar offer experience, knowledge and above all else, total peace of mind. Mannix is a household name in South Australia and has been in business for over 50 years! Proving that with age comes exceptional quality earned through experience.

At Mannix, we pride ourselves on finding the best solution for your homes energy needs. Using high quality products backed by industry leading warranties to ensure your energy system is covered throughout its life at very competitive prices.

Choosing Mannix is choosing South Australia. So, let the Mannix family help you take control of your homes energy. After supporting South Australians for over 50 years, you know we will be here when you need us.

South Australian Business

For over 50 years

Industry Leading Warranties

Peace of mind

Competitive Pricing

Save dollars

High Quality Products

Efficient systems

Do you have a Faulty Solar System or Inverter?
Don’t lose any more money and get your solar system serviced now.

If you have a solar power system in your home, one of the major concerns people have is knowing if the system is working efficiently or not. Is your power bill higher than usual? Are you worried that your solar is not working as efficiently as it should? Is my system old and needs to be replaced or upgraded? If you are asking yourself these questions, then it’s time to book in a Mannix solar service for peace of mind.

Our team has the experience and knowledge to advise you on the right solution for your needs.

A South Australian trusted business for 55 years, so when it comes to investing in Solar you can trust Mannix will be here when you need us.

Mannix Most Popular Solar System

How it works

Solar Electric panels generate electricity using the photovoltaic (PV) effect. The solar panels are fitted to your roof and convert light into electricity. This electricity is fed through an inverter directly to the house or through a meter directly into the grid. When you use electricity, you are using solar generated power or power from the grid if the solar energy is insufficient.

Mannix Power Packed Solar System

Your Mini Power Station

If you are using little or no electricity, your solar system is feeding electricity back into the grid and the electric company buys that power from you. In effect, your home becomes a mini power station generating electricity and selling it to the grid for use by you or your neighbours. If you consistently generate more electricity than you use, the electricity company will pay you for the excess.

The Benefits of your own mini power station

Mannix Solar tick ALL the boxes when it comes to a quality solar solution for your home. Our expert staff can answer your questions, and allow you to make an informed decision, right for your situation.

Mannix Solar are qualified home battery providers

Mannix are qualified system providers, and we can help you provide a quality Home Battery for your home. Our expert staff can answer your questions, and allow you to make an informed decision, right for your situation.

Mannix is proud to offer a complete no obligation free quote on all products and services and we can assist and offer Finance with very competitive interest rates to suit you.