Why choose Mannix for solar?

Mannix is a household name throughout many states of Australia. With headquarters in South Australia, Mannix has been in business for over 50 years and holds a very high reputation for quality service price and doing the job right in the first place.

Mannix was one of the first companies to enter the solar market, and has now become firmly established as the name to trust in solar.Recent publicity throughout televisions and newspapers has highlighted the number of “Fly-by-night” operators in the solar industry field.

Subsequently when making a decision on installing solar in your home, it is important to ensure that only qualified tradesmen are used, quality SAFE components are installed, and that you have the safety that comes with using a business that will be here and accountable if they don’t deliver what they have promised.

Meet Peter Davies

Peter has been working in the solar industry for a decade, Before that as a qualified electrician installing Airconditioning for Mannix Air.

Peter as the Mannix Solar manager is in charge of every solar job from start to finish. From researching and ordering all components of the solar system, getting all the components ready for the installers. Dealing with all after installation queries. Peter is the face of Mannix Solar he is even the voice of the Mannix Solar radio ads.

Due to Peter’s commitment and hard work. Mannix Solar has been able to stand the test of time and can proudly say is one of the longest surviving domestic solar installation companies in South Australia.

The Difference with Mannix Solar

Installing your new solar power system in your home is not only a substantial investment, but requires expertise and experience. There is the risk of shortcuts by suppliers using substandard “cheapy” components,  risking the safety of your family. There is a lot to consider. Imagine the feeling of paying a large deposit, only to see your solar company  simply …disappear. Or getting excuse after excuse delaying your installation..  You only need to watch TV to see families trying to claw back their money from unscrupulous suppliers or get warranty on problem installations.. Mannix is a South Australian family business, established for over 50 years. Mannix hold stock locally, which means you are not paying, then waiting for your installer to order panels and components, and then waiting for delivery. Mannix don’t look for any money prior to your solar installation being completed. Don’t you feel that companies wanting big deposits are either close to the edge or wanting to tie you down for unforeseen reasons. When the job is done, then you can pay. THE AGREED AMOUNT. When you make a decision with Mannix. The quoted amount is exactly what you pay. And if you pay within 3 days of the account’s date, you qualify for discount! Speak with Mannix today about installing Solar in your home or business.

Mannix – Ticking all the Solar Boxes

Mannix Solar tick ALL the boxes when it comes to a quality solar solution for your home. Our expert staff can answer your questions, and allow you to make an informed decision, right for your situation.

Our quotes are obligation free, and we arrive on time to give a quotation we stand by. Then you pay NO DEPOSIT, and the agreed amount only when the job is done.

Can you risk not getting a quote from Mannix Solar?

Your own mini power station

Solar Electric panels generate electricity using the photovoltaic (PV) effect. The solar panels are fitted to your roof and convert light into electricity. This electricity is fed through an inverter directly to the house or through a meter directly into the grid. When you use electricity you are using solar generated power or power from the grid if the solar energy is insufficient. If you are using little or no electricity, your solar system is feeding electricity back into the grid and the electric company buys that power from you. In effect, your home becomes a mini power station generating electricity and selling it to the grid for use by you or your neighbours. If you consistently generate more electricity than you use, the electricity company will pay you for the excess.

The Benefits

* Clean, free, electricity from the sun

* No greenhouse gas emissions

* Reduced or eliminated electricity bills

* Protection against rising electricity costs

* Silent operation with no moving parts

* Easy, quick installation by licensed, accredited electricians

* Increased value of your home or business

* Long warranties, long life

* Solar Credits available (subject to approved applications/specifications)

* Reduces your carbon footprint