Ducted Air Conditioning Solutions You Can Count On!

Ducted air conditioning Adelaide

Summer is almost here. Now is the time to get a reliable air conditioning system for your Adelaide home. You will not need to look any further with a ducted air conditioning system. Having a ducted air conditioning system will keep your entire Adelaide home at a comfortable temperature. That is why ducted air conditioning is one of the most popular choices amongst Adelaide homeowners.

Here is why ducted air conditioning is always a great choice:


Unlike other systems, ducted air conditioning works centrally. Having a reverse cycle ducted air conditioning system can cool and heat your entire Adelaide house. You will not need any other cooling or heating units. 

With a ducted air conditioning system, we promise that you will not also experience annoying hot spots in your Adelaide house. The ducted air conditioning system will cool all rooms in your Adelaide home evenly. As a result, you will not need to open and close doors behind you as you walk through your Adelaide home. This will give you more freedom and comfort. 

Cost Efficiency

A reliable ducted air conditioning system might cost you more upfront. However, over time you will find it is the more cost-efficient option because you will not need to install other units in your Adelaide house. This means less air conditioning installation, repairs and maintenance costs for you. 

Running one ducted air conditioning system is also more cost-efficient than using multiple systems at once because it will not use as much power. As a result, you will not drive your power bills through the roof to cool your Adelaide home in the summer. 

Flexibility and Control

Working centrally does not mean a ducted air conditioning system will not offer you flexibility. On the contrary, modern ducted air conditioning systems come with a zoning feature. With zoning, you will be able to set different temperatures for every room or area in your Adelaide home. 

This way, each member of your family can choose the temperature they are most comfortable with. You can also close the ducted air conditioning in unused, empty rooms to save electricity. 


Just like an iceberg, most parts of ducted air conditioning systems are invisible. They are tucked in the ceiling or installed outdoors. That is why many Adelaide homeowners prefer installing a ducted air conditioning system. They know it will not interfere with the interior designs of their homes. A ducted air conditioning system also works almost silently. The compressor is placed outdoors, away from the rooms.

At Mannix Air Conditioning, we have the best-ducted air conditioning brands and prices in Adelaide. Our purchasing power enables us to provide you with reliable ducted air conditioning brands at competitive prices. For expert advice on ducted air conditioning systems, you can talk to our consultants.

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