Here’s How to Select the Best Air Conditioning System for the Size of Your Home!

Are you ready to face the heat of the summer? If you haven’t installed an air conditioning system yet, doing so before your home turns into an oven should be your first priority. But, which A/C solution should you invest in?

Selecting an air conditioning solution to invest in can be extremely confusing in today’s day and age. There’re split systems, ducted air conditioners, window devices and so on! With so many different options, all with their own set of benefits, how can you make the best choice for your home? 

The Best Air Conditioner for Your Home

To select the best air conditioning system, you’ll have to take into account several factors. Some of these include:

  • How much are you willing to spend on your energy bill? 
  • How much can you pay upfront? 
  • Are you willing to have to do additional construction? 
  • Are you concerned about the visibility of the device?

But from all the different factors you’ll have to evaluate, perhaps the most important one is the size of your home. Air conditioners have varying amounts of power and cover various dimensions of space. To make the best choice you’ll want to make a purchase intended for the size of the area you want to cool or heat.

Is a Ducted Air Conditioner the Right Choice for You?

It all depends on your budget and space you are trying to cover. For those looking for a temperature control solution that will work throughout the entire home, a ducted air conditioner is the best choice!

This type of cooling system involves a central unit that disperses cool air through ductwork around your home. These ducts can reach every single room within your property. Plus, you can further customise your ductwork into zones. This way your ducted air conditioner can work just on selected zones and save you on operating costs. This is great when you have a larger home with rooms that are not always in use, such as guest rooms.

Overall ducted air conditioner systems are the most efficient solution to cooling an entire home. Cool air distribution is uniform so that you’ll be comfortable all day, in every room! Plus, vents are way more aesthetic looking than an A/C unit stuck to your wall.

However, a ducted air conditioner is more expensive to install. After all, a network of ductwork has to be installed all over your home. If you are trying to stick to a smaller budget, these might not be the best choice. However, it is a permanent and easy-to-maintain resource that will add significant value to your property. So, if money is not a problem, it is definitely a good home improvement investment.

Looking For a Cooling System for Smaller Areas?

If you are just looking to cool a single bedroom or living area, ducted air conditioning might not be the best call. In this case, wall units, window units or split system air conditioning will work best. There’s no need to pay up so much upfront if you are only looking to cool a small area. Other A/C solutions are easier to install and can provide equally efficient cooling on smaller areas.

Purchase the Perfect Air Conditioning System for Your Home!

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