Rumpus Room or Home Extension? Here’s Why You Should Choose a Split System!

Looking for an air conditioning solution for the less used parts of your home?


Selecting the best air conditioning system can be tricky when it comes to rumpus rooms, home extensions, or guest rooms. When in use, keeping the area at a comfortable temperature is necessary. However, making an uninformed choice can end up costing you hundreds on your energy bill!


So, what system works best for these types of areas? Our pick: split system air conditioning devices.


The Advantages of Split System Air Conditioning


When it comes to smaller spaces such as a rumpus room, a split-system is the best air conditioning device you could purchase.


Why? Split system air conditioning systems are specially designed to cool and heat small spaces. Ideally, they should be set up to cover individual rooms of reduced extension.


Made For Small Spaces

You can still choose a single more substantial system to service the most used areas of your home. Yet, using a split system on the less-used rooms is your best bet.

When in use, your split system will quickly regulate temperature to your liking. The rest of the time, it can remain turned off. This way, you can make significant savings on your energy bill.

Low Initial Investment

Split system air conditioning units are super affordable and easy to install. You can purchase a device without spending a fortune. Setting it up and getting it running is just as quick and inexpensive.

For those looking for an efficient and nearly immediate solution to regulate the temperature in a small area, there’s no better choice.

Quick, Easy Operations

A great thing about split system air conditioning units is how fast they work. Once installed, all you have to do is turn your unit on and set your desired temperature. In a manner of minutes, you will be sitting comfortably in a perfectly cool or cosy room.

No complicated instructions or long wait times. It could not get more practical.


No Noise

Another advantage of split system air conditioning is the low amount of noise they produce. Unlike other kinds of devices, the noisy components of these systems lie on their exterior portion. This means you will get to enjoy all the cold air, without having to deal with the noise.

Split system units are among the quietest heating or cooling devices in the market. Therefore, if you are looking for a solution that will not disturb your calm and quiet, this is a great alternative.


Find the Best Split System Air Conditioning Units at Mannix


Looking to cool or heat a single area in your home. Split system units are the perfect choice for home extensions, rumpus rooms and more.


At Mannix, you’ll find a wide array of split system units from all the best brands.


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