Take Advantage of the Upcoming Summer Sun With Solar Panels From Mannix!

In Adelaide, with the right solar panels, you will not need to worry about your electricity bills going through the roof this summer. Yes, finally it is summer! And you can enjoy the sun and warm weather in Adelaide. As it gets hotter, you will rely more and more on your AC to make your Adelaide home cooler and more comfortable. 

The hot summer season in Adelaide will increase the electricity consumption of your household. Fortunately, the long summer days will also enhance the productivity of your solar panels. They are designed to absorb the sunlight and convert it into electricity. As the sun shines longer in the summer, your Adelaide solar panels will produce more energy.

Here is why the summer is the perfect time to get the most out of your Adelaide solar panels:

More Sunlight More Savings

The summer is the sunniest season of the year, especially in Adelaide. Your solar panels will get plenty of sunshine. The stronger the sunlight the more energy your solar panels will produce. They might be able to provide you with enough solar energy to power your entire Adelaide household.

As the days get longer, your solar panels will get an abundance of sunshine. With a solar battery, you can save all the extra produced energy and use it at night as well. This way, your solar panels will cover most of the electricity consumption of your Adelaide household. They might even eliminate your whole electricity bills. 

Solar Panels Mean Free Energy for the AC!

Installing solar panels on your Adelaide house is beneficial all year round. However, in the summer you will actually feel their impact more. As the temperature rises on the hot summer days of Adelaide, you will turn to your AC to make your home cooler. This increase in power consumption can cost you hundreds of dollars in electricity cost.

As solar panels produce more energy in the summer, they will be able to cover this spike in your electricity consumption. You will not have to feel guilty or try to avoid turning on your AC on hot summer days. Instead, you can rely on your solar panels to keep your AC working, without increasing your electricity bills. 

Faster Installation

Solar panels can be installed at any time of the year. However, bad weather can delay the installation or make it take longer. In the summer, the weather is very suitable to install solar panels on your Adelaide roof. The daylight lasts longer, helping your installers get the job done quickly. 

At Mannix, we have the best solar solutions for all energy needs, all at competitive prices. We only use the best quality solar panels and other components to ensure your energy system lasts for years.

Our friendly, experienced and helpful staff is ready to answer all your questions and help you make an informed decision. 

Do not let all that sunshine go to waste. Call us now for an obligation free quote!