Stay Cool This Summer With a New Split System for Your Underwood Home!

When looking for an air conditioning system for your Underwood home, a split system air conditioning unit is an excellent choice. A split system air conditioner includes an indoor unit that contains an air handler and an outdoor unit with a compressor and condenser. While a reverse cycle split system may be a popular choice for Underwood homeowners, what is it exactly that sets a split system air conditioner apart from other air conditioning models?

At Mannix Air, we have been providing residents with premium split system air conditioning systems for over 50 years! We understand how easy these systems work, and therefore always offer our clients with sound advice when they are looking to add a split system (or any air conditioning system for that matter) to their Underwood property.

Keep reading to see the many ways that make a reverse cycle split system air conditioner an excellent choice for your Underwood heating and cooling needs:

Easier Installation

Compared to traditional air conditioning systems, a split system requires a lot less manual labour to install. At Mannix, we will organise your split system installation with a professional technician for you. You’ll find that a split system installation will take up significantly less time than a ducted system, meaning you’ll be enjoying a perfectly cooled or heated home in next to no time!

More Energy-Efficient

Compared to that of window air conditioners that are known for high electricity usage, a split system air conditioner is well known for its energy efficiency and heating/cooling evenness when used correctly. You’ll find that by using a split system air conditioner, your long-term energy costs will also significantly reduce, compared to using other air conditioning methods.


Compared to window air conditioners, split system air conditioners are significantly quieter. Forget hearing the constant humming that comes from an in-window air conditioning unit; a split system air conditioner will cool down your home in a way that is calm and quiet. The reason for this is because the system’s motor is outside the house!


Unlike window air conditioners, you can install a split system just about anywhere! Not to mention, split systems do not require large holes in the wall, or expensive ducts. You’ll also find that they are easy to maintain and keep clean!

If you’re looking to add a premium air conditioner to your Underwood home, you can beat the benefits that come with a split system air conditioner! At Mannix, we have over 50 years of air conditioning experience and we promise to provide you with a premium service and product.

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