Winter Is Coming! Here’s How to Prepare Your Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning System

With Summer soon bidding us farewell and the colder months just around the corner, it will soon be time for us to switch our reverse cycle air conditioners settings, and create a haven that is warm and cozy to help make Winter a little more bearable. However, to ensure that your home is as comfortable as possible throughout these cold and dormant months, preventative maintenance is critical and can save you a considerable amount of money as well as inconvenience further down the line.

At Mannix, we pride ourselves on providing our clients with premium air conditioning solutions from a range of trusted brands. We’ve done so for over 50 years! However, it is crucial to understand that even the most reliable unit can always benefit from some regular, tender, loving care.

Servicing your air conditioning system is key to ensuring that your machine is mechanically well-maintained. However, there are certain things you can do at home to ensure that everything remains to run smoothly, as we come into the colder months. Keep reading to find out more:

Change Your Filters

After running your reverse cycle air conditioner throughout the Summer, it will have accumulated a significant amount of dirt and dust, so cleaning your filters or replacing them will make all the difference. It improves your air quality, and at the same time, your machine will be running more efficiently.

According to Energy Star, it is an excellent practice to clean or replace your air conditioning filters at least once a month during the months when your unit is working its hardest (Summer and Winter).

Give Your Unit a Good Clean!

Once you have cleaned or replaced your air conditioning filters, you should give your unit a simple clean. First, turn the power off and check your user guide to ensure your machine does not have any specific cleaning requirements. Start by cleaning the internal louvres with a quick vacuum before moving onto the outside unit of your air conditioning system. Also, ensure that there are no bugs, grime, dirt or spiderwebs collecting around the unit.

Don’t Have The Heat Up Too High!

We know what you’re thinking, but for your machine to work at it’s best, it is essential that you don’t have the temperature up too high. You like your home to be warm and comfortable, so try to stick to the recommended temperature range or between 19 and 22 degrees.

Any higher and depending on the weather temperature, you’ll find that your unit may be continually working overtime to compete with factors that can contribute to a cooler temperature, such as glass windows and open doors.

If you’re looking to get a new air conditioning system or you’d like more expert advice, be sure to call Mannix Air today! With over 50 years of productive industry experience and a passion for excellence, you won’t be disappointed!