Will My New Split System Cool More Than One Room?

Australian Summers are hot, and many of us rely heavily on our home’s air conditioning systems to get us through. When the time comes to purchase a new air conditioning system for your Adelaide home, split systems are often a popular choice. However, the common understanding is that a split system air conditioner can only cool one room at a time.

At Mannix Air, we have been in the air conditioning industry for over 50 years! This extensive experience means that we can provide our customers with their ideal air conditioning solution that will meet both their heating and cooling needs as well as budgets.

If you’re looking at whether a split system air conditioner will provide your home with the heating and cooling it requires, we have listed a few ways that we consider to assess your situation and help you get the most from your new air conditioning investment below:

Working With You, We Will Assess Your Adelaide Home

The type of air conditioning system you require will depend significantly on the layout of your home. If you’re looking at investing in a split system air conditioner with the hope that it will cool more than one room, our experts will sit with you to discuss the layout of your home and the likelihood of a split system air conditioner fulfilling your needs.

Different split systems have different power capabilities, meaning that some cool larger areas better than others. For example, if you’re looking to cool a large open plan living area, you will need a larger split system than someone who is looking to cool a single bedroom.

We Will Find Your Ideal Cooling Solution!

At Mannix, our team is made up of industry professionals with years of industry experience. We know and understand a great deal about the products that we sell to our customers which allows us to provide you with expert advice.

If we believe that a split system air conditioner is not the right fit for your home cooling requirements, we will work with you to discuss your options and develop a solution that will ensure your home is comfortable all year round. We have an extensive range of trusted brands and air conditioning products available, as well as financing options to ensure that we can assist you while sticking to your budget.

If you’re thinking about a split system air conditioning system but aren’t sure if it will cool your home sufficiently, be sure to visit the team at Mannix today! We will work with you to find your ideal air conditioning solution.

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