How To Keep The Air Cool And The Price Low

As temperatures continue to climb, air conditioning units are often cranked up to full blast as we escape the heat indoors. It’s great to be able to focus on other things and have a fresh, cool wave wash over you, but the downside is often felt later in the form of massive bills. In fact, keeping the air conditioning turned up to high is costing Australians an average of $1.3 billion in wasted money each summer.

The dilemma is this: staying cool is a must, especially for those spending a long period of time inside during the summer. Sweating over your laundry bills alone makes it impractical. There needs to be at least some relief from the heat inside your abode, however if the AC is cranked to optimal coolness – especially during the long hours of the night – you can end up with a very hefty bill. The question, then, is how to pick the perfect setting that will keep things cool enough but not also waste air conditioning coolness or keep it higher than it needs to be. Everyone’s taste and air conditioning needs are different, but experts have now come up with a golden number for what to keep your unit set at.

An average split cycle air conditioning unit, for example, is using up about 5 kilowatt hours and is running a homeowner around 2.7 cents every minute it runs. If you just head to sleep for the night with the AC on and wake up the next morning, congratulations: you just spent $13 before the day even started. When you factor in that the average Australian also leaves their air conditioner on even when they don’t need it or aren’t home for 4.1 hours per day that racks up to an extra $578 each quarter when the bill comes due. That’s a lot of money, and it’s not absolutely necessary, because you can stay cool while also staying financially afloat.

Here’s the answer as to what air conditioner setting will optimise your cool-to-cost ratio. If switching the AC off completely for a certain block of time is not an option, you’re best advised to leave it at a flat 25 degrees according to research director Tony Crabb of the Savills Australia real estate services company. Crabb said many Australians are putting their air conditioner at 22 degrees and walking away, when allowing just three more degrees could save you a bundle on your bill while still keeping the amount of cool sufficient.

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